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This year TTI, Inc. proudly celebrates its 40th anniversary, a milestone that is testament to the ongoing strength and endurance on the part of the company that once was known as "The Best Little Warehouse in Texas." Its success can be traced back to 1971, to the vision of one man, Paul Andrews.

From modest beginnings in Fort Worth, Texas, Andrews, a former components buyer at General Dynamics, founded TTI. His vision for the company was to offer superior customer service, exceptional product knowledge and extensive inventories of passive components to its customers. His plan for the company took hold and today TTI stands as a leading global distributor offering passive, connector, electromechanical and discrete components world-wide to more than 25,000 electronics manufacturers.

Slow and steady growth has allowed the company to expand into markets in Mexico, Europe and Asia utilizing the same successful business model that propelled its growth in North America. In 1971, one sales location covered the entire United States. Following initial expansions in the Florida, Arizona and Southern California markets, the company began to methodically open sales offices in all major markets of the country. Today, TTI sales locations can be found in more than 50 locations throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

TTI made its first major acquisition in January 2000, and by doing so broadened its reach into the catalog business by purchasing Mouser Electronics, one of the fastest growing global catalog distributors in the electronics industry. Together, the two offer the ideal distribution solution for design engineers and production buyers in the electronics manufacturing industry.

A lot has changed since the company began, but the basic business philosophy established by Andrews in the early years remains; focus on being the best, not the biggest. Now with over 2,000 employees in locations around the globe, the mission of offering superior service and product knowledge continues as the company looks forward to charting the next 40 years of business in the electronics industry.


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