Fort Worth, TX –October 30, 2014 – The Specialist and Agent Phoenix hit a home run in the seventh comic book series featuring The Adventures of The Specialist. In an instant, the big game goes dark. A job this big requires a major player and faster than you can say, three strikes you’re out,The Specialist enlists the help from the one super hero he knows can get the job done − Agent Phoenix.

TTI and Honeywell have you covered when it comes to ultra low pressure sensors to high speed position sensors as well as the very latest new product introductions. TTI is your source for a wide range of Honeywell sensors for pressure, position, humidity, airflow and much more.

Prepared for the job at hand, Agent Phoenix arrives and in no time restores complete power to the stadium.

TTI and Phoenix Contact are ready to save your game day. Check out TTI’s complete lineup of Phoenix Contact products today.

To see Agent Phoenix in action go to

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