Quality at Every Stage

TTI has a commitment to quality that begins with the premier suppliers we stock and continues long after we deliver exactly the right components at the specified time. We measure this effort all the way through our processes and check it on every order; in more than 100 locations around the globe, stocking 850,000 part numbers and shipping Billions of components.

As far back as 1989, TTI addressed the challenge to improve order accuracy and on-time delivery by implementing Total Quality Management (TQM). TQM is interwoven throughout TTI’s internal operations, our component suppliers and our customers. All TTI locations have ongoing Quality Improvement Teams that systematically research and analyze monthly performance data to most effectively improve quality.

By 2004, overall quality had reached standards beyond any expectations, but the company’s ongoing efforts continue to drive results closer to six sigma. In addition to systems improvements, TTI’s culture of unsurpassed customer service has ensured that TTI’s TQM is an ongoing success.

Today, TTI has a dedicated Quality department pursuing perfection. The vice president of quality chairs the monthly TQM Forum, comprised of senior staff, which analyzes quality data by key functional areas and by component manufacturer. The Forum then establishes quality goals, launches new initiatives and reinforces quality efforts and training.

ISO 9001 and AS9100 Registered – TTI’s Global System

All TTI distribution centers are ISO registered, ensuring consistent quality and service levels throughout our global organization. This performance standard enables TTI to be a qualified supplier to companies around the world. TTI’s registration to ISO9001 and AS9100 Quality Management System Standards clearly demonstrate our long-term commitment and support of the aerospace and high reliability industries.

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

TTI has committed substantial resources to technologies that enable our employees to continually improve our record-breaking quality levels. Linked by a proprietary inventory operating system TTI facilities around the world steadily and impressively raise warehouse quality. The embedded processes in the WMS are key factors in the reduction of TTI errors to unprecedented levels - averaging below 200 issues per million parts shipped continuously for more than ten years.

The Right Parts, Right Time, Right Place

TTI integrates with customers’ materials management platforms to maintain efficient production operations with reduced inventories by utilizing our automated order fulfillment process. The program triggers orders to be pulled and shipped from the massive TTI inventory to meet the optimal delivery schedule.

TTI offers value-added services that eliminate incoming inspections at the customer’s site, as well as dock-to-stock and ship-to-stock programs to reduce acquisition, handling, inventory costs and eliminate areas where quality issues can arise. From traditional bonded inventories to more complex in-plant store environments, TTI has custom supply chain management programs to reduce customer inventories and streamline the purchasing process that enable our customers to focus on more cost-intensive areas.

For more than twenty-five years, TTI has maintained a proactive system of quality process that give dedicated employees the tools and training required to reach ever greater levels of quality performance. These efforts support your local TTI branch with excellent service and 100 percent authorized products around the globe.

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Benchmarking Quality

Quality and on-time delivery statistics are important measures of performance results.  To ensure that TTI’s internal measurements match or exceed the customers’ satisfaction levels, TTI annually surveys its customers to determine customer perception on 16 Key Performance Indicators (KPI) relating to TTI performance. Benchmarking customer satisfaction and identifying the customers’ highest priority areas for improvement are crucial for the company to focus its resources on the requirements deemed most critical by our customers.

TTI also surveys its manufacturers’ representatives each year to provide our best total team effort to our customers. The 70% response rate on the representative survey helps direct an open dialogue with each representative group and each manufacturer, providing better focus on our partnership development for specific improvements to our customers.

Component Manufacturer Quality Management

To reinforce all the links in its supply chain, TTI’s Total Quality System tracks quality and on-time performance results by our manufacturer partners. Each manufacturer is measured on incoming defects, customer-reported defects and purchase order on-time performance analysis. Monthly performance reports are sent to all suppliers with both their own personalized performance results and the results of other TTI partners. Consequently, all TTI suppliers know their performance relative to all other TTI suppliers each month. This open information process stimulates dialogue, maintains an active, ongoing process and enhances substantive efforts to improve overall quality and on-time performance levels.

TTI Supplier Excellence Program

TTI presents its prestigious Supplier Excellence Award to qualifying TTI partners each year. This comprehensive evaluation is part of TTI’s Manufacturer Quality Management effort and is based on factors designed to drive the TTI supplier relationship to higher levels of customer satisfaction through higher levels of quality and on-time delivery. The award evaluation has stimulated TTI partners to benchmark their own performance based on the TTI excellence recognition program points received in the various categories. Since the inception of the recognition program, competition to qualify for the awards has sparked intense efforts by suppliers and yielded significant positive results for our mutual customers.