At TTI we understand that counterfeit components are not only a concern for life sustaining devices and jet aircraft traveling at mach speed; counterfeit components may lead to device failures and quality misconceptions that threaten the hard earned reputation and brand integrity of each and every device manufacturer. TTI quality professionals work with industry groups such as the Electronic Component Industry Association (ECIA) and the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), to help draft regulations, serve on standards committees, and even advise lawmakers concerning legislation designed to put an end to the counterfeit of electronic components.

As a fully authorized distributor, TTI deals only in new components, purchasing directly from the original manufacturer. This ensures TTI customers never worry about the possibility of counterfeits, because there are no third-party independent brokers or gray market situations where the chain of custody concerning a component can be uncertain. Meticulous record keeping, secure inventory tracking and quality inspections maintain that components ordered from TTI are the highest quality, 100 percent authorized and direct from the original manufacturer.

TTI takes great pride in our line card of premier suppliers. These are relationships that aren’t entered into lightly – due diligence is performed to confirm there is more to each company than their reputation and website. Stability and performance are evaluated, quality, delivery, logistics, returns policies, warranties and even corporate cultures are investigated. And once that relationship begins, there is ongoing evaluation on both sides. These long-term business partnerships are predicated on each party delivering the best quality products to the end user, on-time, every time. All of this goes into maintaining the authenticity of the supply-chain for our customers.

Counterfeit parts are a threat to the integrity of the industry and the products that our end users rely upon. It is incumbent on everyone in the electronics industry to work together to end this potentially devastating and catastrophic threat. TTI is proud to be on the forefront of this initiative. We encourage our authorized industry partners to join the effort in defeating counterfeiting as an issue facing the electronics industry. 

TTI Anti-Counterfeit & Authorization Statement

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