In 1989, TTI implemented Total Quality Management (TQM). TTI’s comprehensive Total Quality Process involves TTI’s internal operations, its component manufacturers and its customers. All TTI locations have ongoing quality improvement teams that systematically research and analyze monthly performance data using the analytical tools to most effectively improve quality.

Overall quality improved to 99.77% in 2004, and the company’s strong efforts continue to drive results closer to six sigma. Today the company performs at 99.93%. In addition to systems improvements, TTI’s culture that includes empowerment of employees, extensive training, varied job tasks and frequent team meetings has helped make the TTI Total Quality Process successful.

TTI’s high on-time delivery performance reduces customers’ overall inventory costs, which include: the cost of capital, warehousing costs, inventory shrinkage, obsolescence, inventory insurance, property tax, safety stock levels, expediting costs and line shut-down costs. These costs are all reduced with lower inventory costs made possible by higher on-time delivery performance.

Visit our TTI Supply Chain Solutions section to learn more about our Advanced Inventory Management platform and auto replenishment programs that can be customized to accommodate unique customer requirements and operational needs to lower total cost of ownership through supply chain management efficiencies.

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