The value of education at TTI cannot be overstated. The engineers, supply chain experts and product managers at the company are among the industry's most exceptional, due in no small part to TTI's ongoing corporate product education programs. This value is reiterated by TTI supported programs at the collegiate and secondary education levels to help ground future generations in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.


FIRST Robotics

As a sponsoring partner of FIRST Robotics, TTI and our Mouser subsidiary, promote the education and awareness of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education programs to activate the electronics inventors of tomorrow. This program reaches students in in grades 7-12 and serves as a competitive learning experience. TTI/Mouser is engaged at the local level with our branches serving as presenting sponsors, supporting mentors and as a supplier resource to the competitors.

The TTI Initiative at Texas A&M University

TTI and Texas A&M University cooperate on an annual series of programs through the university's School of Engineering's Industrial Distribution program. The ongoing program consists of real world student assignments and project presentations carried out after a series of topical sessions held at the TTI headquarters. Key TTI executives engage over 100 students on subjects ranging from supplier marketing and product management roles; the TTI Supplier Excellence Program, and the distribution business model.

The TTI/Mouser Engineering Scholarship at the University of Texas at Arlington

TTI is committed to the future of engineering education on the collegiate level. The company has established a scholarship in partnership with the Arnold E. Petsche Center for Automotive Engineering at the University of Texas at Arlington.


The Andrews Institute at TCU

The mission of the Andrews Institute is to work with researchers and teachers to be able to change the way people think about math and science education. The Institute provides a long-term professional development program for educators, typically over the summer, creating a network of educators at the primary, secondary and undergraduate levels to improve the ongoing leadership among STEM educators.