As a distributor of electronic components, TTI performs only a limited amount of assembly work, and no manufacturing. Because our corporate waste stream is limited, the areas where our environmental programs have focused, conservation and recycling, have paid great dividends.

Our office and warehouse personnel have made great strides in reducing waste and our impact on the environment. We present our progress regularly on our website and at our corporate offices.

The latest report, authored in 2014, is available here (PDF).

Our Corporate quality and environmental compliance departments and their European counterparts in Munich are collaborating on an internationally-coordinated program to finalize ISO 14001 environmental certification in 2014.

The international scope of our business requires that TTI maintain compliance documentation, or references to it, based on the guidance and criteria of a vast range of governmental, military, regulatory, industry and voluntary trade groups. TTI updates our supplier information on a regular basis. Even though our manufacturer partners can not legally authorize TTI to provide certain information on their behalf, we do provide access to the supplier’s materials through website links. This applies to areas such as RoHS data - (Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment) a European directive aiming to control the use of certain hazardous substances in the production of new electrical and electronic equipment. It is a partner directive to the WEEE Directive (Waste in Electrical and Electronic Equipment) that controls the disposal and recycling of EEE.

More specific information can be found in the environmental section of our website at

Conflict Minerals

At the confluence of environmental policies and human rights issues for the electronics industry is the subject of conflict minerals. Certain raw materials used in the production of some electrical components can be mined in the war ravaged areas of Central Africa. TTI is not authorized to speak on behalf of our manufacturing partners concerning the origination of the materials in their products, however we have asked for their specific responses to the U.S. Federal requirements for the content origin in their components. We keep these statements on file and online for customer reference.