A versatile solution for internal wiring.


3M™ Round Conductor Flat, Controlled Impedance Cable, 7700 Series is an excellent choice for a wide range of controlled impedance, wire-to-board applications including automated test equipment, communications network equipment and more. It is designed for low-voltage differential signaling applications.

The cable's exceptional versatility means it offers a variety of connection options. Flexible pinout configurations can be determined by end users to manage a wide range of custom I/O requirements including up to 100 positions of programmable differential pairs, grounds and power. It installs quickly and can be used in end-to-end terminations or directly soldered to a PCB.

  • Fast – The Speed You Need, up to 20 Gbps
  • Flat – 0.025 Cable for Tight Spaces
  • Foldable – “L” or “S” Bends Don’t Hamper Performance
  • Fit – for IDC on .050 (1.27mm) Pitch


The performance of 3M™ Round Conductor Flat, Controlled Impedance Cable, 7700 Series is made possible because of a revolutionary construction that not only enables outstanding throughput, but also accommodates tighter folding than conventional jacketed shielded cables – with minimal performance impact.


  • Constructed Using 30 AWG Solid Conductor and Polyolefin Insulator
  • Outer Insulation is Laminated with a Flexible Foil Covering to Control Impedance at 95 ohms (±5 ohms)
  • Features Programmable Differential Pairs, Grounds and Power – 20 Position Cable Configuration
    (Example: GG SS GG SS GG SS GG SS GG PP)
  • Can be Terminated to .050" Spaced IDC Connectors Using a Standard Bench Press
  • Available in Conductor Counts in Increments of 10 through 100