Connectors for PC/104 Embedded Systems Applications

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3M offers Connectors for PC104 Embedded Systems Applications as an addition to their embedded computing product line. These connectors conform to PC/104 Embedded-PC Modules. 3M is offering both of the primary connectors specified by PC/104: 8-bit J1/P1 and 16-bit J2/P2 in both stack-through and nonstack- through options. J3/P3 connectors are also available in the PC104 Plus product line on Customer Drawing TS-2391.


  • Compact form factor and stacked design to meet tight space requirements of embedded applications
  • Standard PC/104 Pin-and-socket connectors
  • Self-stacking bus eliminates the need, cost and bulk of backplanes and card cages
  • Rugged and reliable 64- and 40-contact male/female headers
  • Relaxed bus drive (6 mA) lowers power consumption (to 1-2 watts per module) and minimizes component count
  • Simple contact design to accommodate many standoff heights
  • Stack-through design is more rugged against shock and vibration effects
  • Available in solder tail


  • Industrial control and factory automation
  • Military/aerospace
  • Medical
  • Transportation
  • Gaming