Connector for CFast™ Card

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The 3M headers for CFast incorporate extended guide rails to help reduce the possibility of misalignment during card installations, and grounding clips that provide additional retention force to the card, helping reduce the possibility of uncontrolled card removal from the connector when ejected. The single-row surface mount co-planar tails allow for higher yields and simplified inspection.The boardmount headers are available in a low profile configuration, or with optional 2 mm standoffs that allow the designer to populate the board underneath an inserted card. The product has been tested to comply with the CFast specification, providing 10,000 mating cycles to deliver high durability and long product life.3M offers optional left or right button dual-push ejectors that provide a balanced force against the card for even and smooth card removal. Another option for the CFast headers from 3M is the latching retainer. The retainer clips onto the header and provides a wire latch for robust retention, ideal for critical applications or applications subject to vibration and shock.


  • Headers mate with both CFast™ Type I and Type II cards
  • Extended guide rails enable accurate and easy card insertion
  • Single row surface mount solder tails facilitate auto placement and IR soldering
  • Optional 2 mm board standoff enables board population
  • Meets CFA standards for known compatibility and reliability
  • Optional ejector and card retainer can be purchased pre-assembled or separately
  • Integral side solder tab with card grounding feature and also prevent the card from 'flying' out of header during ejection