3M Interconnects Offer Practical Solutions for Demanding Medical Applications


Extraordinary advances in medical electronic equipment help doctors diagnose sicknesses, offer therapeutic treatments and nurse patients back to health. Connectors and cables used in them have to be designed for reliability, high performance and ease of use.

Consider medical imaging devices. Computed Tomography (CT) and Positron Emission (PET) scanners are among the most demanding applications for interconnects. To produce the clear, high-definition 3D images clinicians demand without exposing patients to higher doses of radiation, more information has to be extracted by the scanner the first time. High speed, hard metric connectors, such as Ultra Hard Metric (UHM) Series from 3M offer design engineers one of the means to do so. The industry's lowest crosstalk 2mm Hard Metric connector, shielded UHM socket connectors can be dropped into the same 2mm HM footprint as CompactPCI® or VME backplane gantry designs and yet deliver more than 7 Gbps system performance.

In oximeters, many of the leading equipment makers have adopted Mini Delta Ribbon (MDR) System from 3M for the physical interface of noninvasive patient sensor cables. MDR connectors are small, space-saving connectors with high signal density, making them ideal for compact bedside multimeters, while offering a rugged but easy to use system for nurses who need to quickly plug and unplug cables.

EMS responders need to be able to rely on the hydraulic systems of emergency cots to deliver their patients safely and comfortably to the ER. Mini-Clamp connectors from 3M provide rugged and compact connections between servo-motors and actuators while integrated cable retention ensures reliability in service.

3M is the brand to trust for connectors, cables and cable assembly solutions for demanding medical equipment applications. By listening to our customers, and by drawing on deep know-how of key enabling technologies, 3M is developing practical interconnect solutions that bring real value to engineers worldwide.The Mini Delta Ribbon (MDR) is a half pitch interconnect system from 3M, designed to meet the needs of high speed/density input/output applications. With more than 20 years on the market, the MDR system is an established and well-proven solution for high density I/O. The MDR connector system contains a ribbon-style contact based on 0.050" centerlines. Both the receptacle and the mating plug contain pre-loaded contacts for reliable contact during insertion and withdrawal cycles. The cable connectors utilize an insulation stripping U-contact to connect to the cable conductor wires. The contact is stamped from a high performance copper alloy, which provides an excellent combination of mechanical strength, electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance.