Power Connectors for CompactPCI™ (CPCI) Applications

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3M is offering Power Connectors for CompactPCI Applications as an addition to our embedded computing product line. These connectors conform to PICMG® 2.11 R1.0 standard requirements. 3M will offer the backplane vertical socket and daughtercard right angle header with combined signal and power functionality.


  • Designed to meet CompactPCI power interface specification PICMG 2.11 for Zone 1 connector
  • Combines power and signal – 20 DC power contacts, 3 AC power contacts and 24 signal contacts
  • Eurocard form factors
  • Provides redundant power and system management
  • Backplane and Daughtercard versions


  • Embedded PICMG 2.XX systems
  • Medical applications
  • Industrial control applications, railway
  • Instrumentation and control systems
  • Military/aerospace backplanes