Ribbon Cable Socket 2 mm x 2 mm - 158 Series

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3M’s Ribbon Cable Sockets 158 Series platform is the only known product line in the industry to offer this combination of unique configurations:   

  • 30 µ” Au plating version with 3M’s exclusive adhesive backed cover for robust termination, improved strain relief and discrete wire capability 
  • 30 µ” and 15µ” Au version with a pre-assembled cover and packaged on 3M’s innovative “sword pack” to enable higher speed termination operations versus traditional separated cover termination methods
  • Available friction latch configurations to offer increased protection against accidental disconnect 
  • Bulk packaged 15 µ” Au versions for high volume, cost-effective operations


  • Provides a reliable ribbon cable to board interface in a variety of applications
  • Available adhesive cover for discrete wire capability and secure termination
  • Available friction latch system for increased retention force (when used with 3M™ Shrouded Boardmount Headers 159 Series)
  • Available in 3M's unique "sword package," which helps to streamline the termination process, reduces unnecessary process steps and can improve termination cycle time
  • 30µ" and 15µ" gold contact interface versions
  • See Regulatory Information Appendix link for chemical compliance information


  • Industrial Production Equipment
  • Communications
  • Military/Aerospace
  • Computer/Datacom