Round Conductor Flat, Controlled Impedance Cable

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3M introduces a major advance in electronics cabling technology that meets the demands of high-speed transmission lines today. New 3M™ Round Conductor Flat, Controlled Impedance Cable, 7700 Series, is a 0.025"" flat ribbon cable that can deliver up to 20 Gbps when directly soldered to a board or up to 14 Gbps when terminated with an insulation displacement contact (IDC) connector.

The performance of the Round Conductor Flat, Controlled Impedance Cable, 7700 Series is made possible because of a revolutionary construction that not only enables outstanding throughput, but also accommodates tighter folding than conventional jacketed shielded cables – with minimal performance impact.

7700 Series Cable is an excellent choice for a wide range of controlled impedance wire-to-board applications including automated test equipment, communications network equipment and many others. It is suitable for low voltage differential signaling (LVDS) applications. The cable's exceptional versatility means it offers a variety of connection options.

Flexible pinout configurations can be determined by end users to manage a wide range of custom I/O requirements including up to 100 positions of programmable differential pairs, grounds and power. It installs quickly and can be used in end-to-end terminations or directly soldered to the PCB. The new 7700 Series works with several popular half – or fine – pitch IDC connector platforms, including 451 Series, 820 Series and Mini Delta Ribbon (MDR) System.


  • A breakthrough in high-speed ribbon cable design that delivers up to 20 Gbps.
  • Flexible and foldable, to accommodate tight spaces without performance loss.
  • Constructed using 30 AWG solid conductor and polyolefin insulator
  • Outer insulation is laminated with a flexible foil to control impedance at 95 ohms (± 5 ohms)
  • Features programmable differential pairs, grounds and power. 20 position cable configuration suggested: GG SS GG SS GG SS GG SS GG PP
  • .025"" centerline spacing means the cable can be terminated to .050"" spaced IDC connectors using a standard bench press
  • Available in 10, 14, 16, 20, 30, 50, and 100 conductors (26 and 40 to follow).



  • Automated test equipment (ATE: chiplevel devices, diskdrive components, printed circuit boards)
  • Evaluation kits (chiplevel device test leads/jumper cables)
  • Communications networking equipment (routers, switches, multiplexers, wireless base stations)
  • Data center (servers, storage)
  • Industrial (computer numerical computers, robots)
  • Semiconductor Production Equipment (SPE)
  • Retail (kiosks, ticketing and vending machines)