Twin Axial Cable - SL8800 Series

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What Is It?
3M™ Twin Axial Cable, SL8800 Series is the industry’s first known flat, foldable and longitudinally shielded high-performance twin axial ribbon cable. 3M SL8800 Series Cable is currently the only known solution available on the market for high data-rate applications that can make sharp turns and folds with little or no impact on electrical performance. Initially available in 4-channel 100 ohm 30AWG versions, two layers of SL8800 cable are less than half the thickness of an equivalent bundle of conventional twinax cable.

Why Is It Important?
Its unique construction allows the cable to fit through narrow openings and free up valuable space in tightly packed systems or even enable design of new smaller form factors/architectures. The ribbon structure is integral to the cable - it is not individual twinax pairs simply laminated together. The structure also allows folding to occur without disturbing the pairs or compromising the performance. The cable outperforms typical cable constructions in bend radius, signal integrity and overall routability. This first generation product lays the foundation for future developments leveraging decades of 3M’s materials science expertise to enhance performance.

How Is It Different?
3M cable is thinner, more routable, space-efficient and easier to terminate. The cable is less than 1mm thick compared to up to 8mm for competitive cables. It can be easily bent and folded in multiple places without affecting the cable’s performance or longevity unlike most competitive products. The cable can be bent around corners or threaded between components, allowing the cable to avoid obstructing air flow or to open up valuable system real estate. 3M cable’s built-in wire-to-board registration eliminates tedious wire handling, enabling easy, consistent and reliable terminations. This is ideal for automation in the assembly process


  • Flat, Fast, Flexible, Foldable
  • Ultra-low-profile design allows cable to route through narrow openings, under the case lid and along sides of the case
  • Can fold and bend cable in multiple locations with little to no impact on electrical performance
  • Up to 25Gbps
  • 100 Ohm differential pairs
  • Four bi-directional SAS channels with or without sidebands
  • 30 AWG
  • Solid polyolefin insulation
  • 0.88 mm thick
  • RoHS compliant
  • Halogen free


High data-rate internal cabling applications

  • Enterprise Computing (e.g. servers, storage systems)
  • Network Communications (e.g. switches and routers using internal assemblies)
  • High Performance Computing