Mini Delta Ribbon

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The Mini Delta Ribbon (MDR) is a half pitch interconnect system from 3M, designed to meet the needs of high speed/density input/output applications. With more than 20 years on the market, the MDR system is an established and well-proven solution for high density I/O. The MDR connector system contains a ribbon-style contact based on 0.050" centerlines. Both the receptacle and the mating plug contain pre-loaded contacts for reliable contact during insertion and withdrawal cycles. The cable connectors utilize an insulation stripping U-contact to connect to the cable conductor wires. The contact is stamped from a high performance copper alloy, which provides an excellent combination of mechanical strength, electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance.

Key Device Specifications:

  • High bandwidth interface for serial and parallel data at speeds up to 655Mb/s
  • Rugged MDR ribbon type contact for reliable interface during insertion and withdrawal cycles
  • Pin counts from 14 - 100 position offered in thru-hole, SMT, & press-fit
  • RoHS Compliant plating


  • Shielded shells provide EMI/ESD protection
  • Pre-loaded ribbon contacts provide proven reliable connection
  • IDC U-shaped contacts allow mass termination
  • Wide range of pin counts and form factors enable design flexibility
  • High Speed Transmission System MDR Assemblies


  • Medical Electronics
  • Machine Vision Imaging (Camera Link, Channel Link)
  • Test and Measurement Devices
  • Industrial Automation - Factory Automation