Molded-On Connector Cable Assemblies



3M™'s molded cable assemblies offer a rugged, one-piece design, fully customized to your specifications. This design, combined with our extra-strong beryllium copper contacts, produces a connector/cable assembly that stands up to repeated insertions and withdrawals. The molded design also offers outstanding protection from the elements for maximum electrical performance. An added bonus of this process is a connector with integral strain relief and closed connector ends, resulting in a space-saving lower height profile.

3M's molded cable assemblies also offer the versatility you need. In addition to the standard molded harnesses like socket, PCB, and DIP assemblies, this product can be customized for special needs. It comes in a wider selection of sizes than you will find elsewhere and can be mated with industry standard .100" and 2mm spacing applications. Special features include high and low profile sockets, matte tin and gold pin plating options, board retention options, latch ears, polarization, pull tabs, keying and custom labeling.

Molded-On Connector Cable Assembly Offering

3M™ Molded-On Socket, .100" x .100"3M™ Molded-On Socket, .100" x .100"
The 3M Molded-On Socket mates with industry standard .025mm square pins on .100" x .100" centers.
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3M™ Molded-On PCB, .100" x .100"3M™ Molded-On PCB, .100" x .100"
The 3M Molded-On PCB mates with industry standard .100" x .100" board pattern. (View More)

3M™ Molded-On DIP .100" x .300" & .100" x .600"3M™ Molded-On DIP .100" x .300" & .100" x .600"
The 3M Molded-On DIP mates with industry standard IC sockets .100" x .300" up to 28 positions and .100" x .600" between 24 and 40 positions. (View More)

3M™ Molded-On DIP, 2mm x 2mm3M™ Molded-On Socket, 2mm x 2mm
The 3M Molded-On DIP mates with industry standard 2mm x 2mm headers. (View More)

3M™ Molded-On PCB, 2mm x 2mm3M™ Molded-On PCB, 2mm x 2mm
The 3M Molded-On PCB mates with industry standard 2mm x 2mm board pattern. (View More)