Pak 50 Interconnect System

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3M Pak 50 connectors are available in 20 through 200 position product and provide horizontal, vertical and parallel mating. The Low Profile and Power Ground Pin 2-piece products make the Pak 50 Interconnect System even more versatile. The Pak 50 Low Profile Series offers vertical, horizontal and parallel board stacking options. It allows for board stacking applications as tight as 7 mm with mated heights up to 12 mm.

Pak 50 Low Profile products are available with surface-mount compatible through hole or SMT leads. The power ground pin on each end of the connectors offers 2 Amps/pin of cnostant current carying capability and also EMLB to address grounding and discharge of static electricity. The Pak 50 IDC connectors utilize .025' or .050" centerline cable.

The P50E IDC Series accomodates backward and forward compatibility with standard .100" and .050" centerline connectors on one cable. The P25E Series utilizes 25 mil cable. The Pak 50 shielded Input/Output connectors support 28AWG discrete wire cables with custom product available to suport 30AWG cable. 


  • Unshielded companion line to the successful 3M .050" Mini Delta Ribbon (MDR) shielded product portfolio.
  • Redundant ribbon contacts for high reliability, including low insertion/withdrawal forces, low contact resistance, high normal force, and high wear resistance.
  • Available in 20-200 position in many lines. Capable of horizontal, parallel and perpendicular board stacking.
  • Standard and low profile product available; stacking height options of 7mm to 30mm. Available board to board option with power/ground.
  • IDC wiremount conenctors accept .025" or .050" pitch. IDC wiremount connectors include integrated latches for vibration resistance and easy removal.


  • Medical
  • Hand Held Devices
  • PDAs
  • Scanners
  • Pagers