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3M's SAS products are designed to the SFF8482 standard which defines the topology for the Hard Disk Drive to Backplane environment. This particular standard specifies the direct attachment of the device (HDD) to the host (Backplane) without the use of cabling. 3M offers SAS solutions for both sides of this interface. The SAS device plug is targeted toward manufactures of HDD devices. 3M offers a surface mount vertical plug and the traditional coplanar straddle-mount style. The SAS host receptacles are intended for use on the backplane, but can also be found on other standard PCB applications like a RAID card, PCI card, or HBA. 3M has a broad offering of host receptacles featuring multiple PCB attachment options and interface configurations. For standard height, vertical versions are available with either press fit, surface mount or through hole attachment. Included in the vertical configurations is the press fit, extended height style receptacle that provides an additional 2.85mm stand-off for the HDD. This allows installation of the HDD without fear of interference or damage to the backplane. The right angle version is available in through hole and allows the user to install the HDD flush to the PCB. This makes the right angle version ideal for low profile HDD applications and PCI mezzanine card (PMC) applications.

The 3M Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) Connector solution is a next generation, high-speed interface for optical, solid state and hard disk drive (HDD) applications aimed at reducing size, increasing transmission speed, improving data reliability and increasing ease of use.

SATA, along with Serial Attached SCSI (SAS), is the next in 3M’s development for serial data I/O solutions targeting the disk drive storage market. The 3M SATA product family encompasses the Device Plug, Host Receptacle, Point to Point Signal Assemblies and Multi-Device (Y Type) Power Assemblies. 3M's vast family of SATA products are compatible with many of the industry leading manufacturers products.

By offering both SATA and SAS solutions, customers now have the freedom to choose the solution that best meets their disk drive storage needs.


  • Available in press fit, surface mount, and through hole
  • Highly reliable
  • Easy-to-use


  • Direct Attached Storage
  • Storage Area Networks
  • R.A.I.D.
  • PCI Mezzanine Card