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3M™ 2mm Latch/Eject Header is an interconnect solution for wire-to-board applications. Key highlights of this new connector are: it is based on the 2mm x 2mm, so-called ‘hard metric’, grid; the integrated latches hold the mating ribbon cable assembly, such as the 3M 2M Series, securely in place during use; and the header meets regulatory requirements for hazardous substances where in force. The new 3M™ 2mm Latch/Eject Header takes its key design elements from the ever popular header based on .100” x .100”, or 2.54 mm X 2.54 mm, grid. Developed over forty years ago, this latched, boxed header has been used in a multitude of applications and designed to securely attach ribbon cable assemblies.

Key Device Specifications

  • Smallest pin and socket style solution
  • 6 to 50 positions (14 sizes)
  • 4-wall version
  • Mates with 2mm Molded and IDC sockets



  • New header on the smaller grid saves valuable board real estate
  • Thirteen pin counts are available in two gold plating options
  • Latches use metal roll pins for use in high vibration environments
  • Two latch sizes, one for IDC socket & the other for the molded assembly
  • Vertical and right-angle T/H solder tails for boards up to .125" thick
  • SMT gullwing soldertail offered in vertical body
  • High temp glass filled PCT suitable for LF processing to a 260°C max
  • RoHS Compliant


  • Enterprise Computers
  • Motor Control Boards
  • Data Collection Devices
  • Medical Electronics
  • High Performance Audio Components