MetPak™ HSHM Press-Fit B19 Connectors

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The 3M MetPak High Speed Hard Metric (HSHM) B19 connector supports speeds of up to 5 Gb/s per differential pair while maintaining full pin-to-pin compatibility on the backplane with VME64x, P0 VITA 31 and P3 PICMG (PCI Industrial Computers Manufacturers Group) 2.16 connectors. Highly flexible and modular, 3M believes the new 3M product is the only high speed connector designed to meet the industry standard 2mm hard metric format in accordance with the IEC-61076-4-101 connector standard. The 3M HSHM connectors use virtual coaxial shielding technology to provide maximum performance with minimal cross talk and skew, allowing them to plug into existing 2mm hard metric connectors and support PCI Express and RapidIO protocols. Fully compatible designs can be built with fast serial links running up to 5 Gb/s per differential pair, permitting PCI-Express and RapidIO to be run on existing backplanes without an expensive or disruptive backplane upgrade.

Multi-gigabit per second interconnection solutions compatible with the existing VME infrastructure were once considered impossible without an expensive, disruptive upgrade or system redesign. Further, some mission critical systems simply cannot be taken offline to increase speeds. The new 3M B19 connector solution enables the extension of the life of, and preserves the investment in, existing VME and CPCI systems.


  • Data rates up to 5 Gb/s
  • Low crosstalk at high frequencies
  • True signal density: 5 row 63 mated pairs per linear inch
  • 50/100Ω impedance (single-ended/differential)
  • Selective shielding in rows and/or columns
  • Industry standard format for hard metric (IEC 61076-4-101)
  • Dual beam contact construction for high reliability


  • High speed