Ultra Hard Metric Socket Connector

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The 3M™ Ultra Hard Metric (UHM) Socket Connector is the industry’s first fully-shielded 2mm hard metric (HM) connector designed for more than 7 Gbps backplane performance when used with unshielded industry standard 2mm HM backplane headers.

The UHM socket is designed to be intermateable to 2mm HM IEC 61076-4-101 headers and is fully compatible with 2mm HM PCB footprints. The 3M™ Ultra Hard Metric (UHM) Connector is the industry’s lowest crosstalk 2mm Hard Metric connector. Drop the connector into your 2mm Hard Metric, CompactPCI® or VME backplane designs and get more than 7 Gbps system performance. It’s a quick and seamless way to enhance your system’s performance to support high speed signals such as PCIExpress, SAS/SATA, Rapid IO, GigE and USB. It uses the same PCB footprint as 2mm Hard Metric connectors, saving you the expense and time of re-spinning a board.


  • Full shielding of signals or signal pairs minimizes crosstalk and insertion loss
  • 2 mm pitch offers intermateability and PCB footprint compatibility with standard HM designs – leverages existing investment
  • High signal density - 101 signals per linear inch for the 8-row and 63 signals per linear inch for the 5-row – optimizes PCB space
  • Unique dual beam contact design for high reliability


  • Embedded Systems: Compact PCI 3U/6U Sytems & VME Systems
  • Broadcasting/Network Communications: switches, routers, terrestrial TV/cable/satellite back-end broadcast equipment; Industrial and Factory Automation - Process Control
  • Industrial Control/Transportation: CNC, embedded control systems, machine vision systems, PLD
  • Military/Avionics: SBC, test systems
  • Medical: patient imaging systems - EBT, CT/CAT, MRI, PET, X-Ray systems