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3M™ introduced three series of .100" wire-to-board connectors, the D89 Series wiremount socket connectors, the Four-Wall Header D2500 Series and the Latch/Eject Headers D3000 Series. These new socket connectors feature 10µ" (micro inch) gold plated contacts, which provide for maximum economy while retaining 3M's high standards for performance and reliability, making them ideal for high-volume, price-sensitive applications. Polarization slots provide for quick connections while minimizing misalignments.

The D89 Series .100" Pre-Assembled socket connectors offer an optional plastic strain relief to minimize stress on the socket/cable termination. The low-profile of the Four-Wall Header D2500 Series offers a lower height requirement while the optional retainer clip or snap-in latch provides added stability for high vibration or impact-prone applications. The Latch/Eject Header D3000 Series features a latch/ejector for added stability during high vibration or impact-prone applications in addition to reducing the risk of damage from manually disengaging the cable assembly.


• Pre-assembled, “sword” packaging makes easy loading of manual and semi-automatic assembly equipment
• Bulk packaging option for maximum economy
• “Bumps” prevent premature latch locking during shipment
• Military polarization, with or without centerbump
• Optional double-sided adhesive pull tab for easy unplugging
• Double-recessed cover for cable terminating from either side virtually eliminates need for single-recessed cover connectors


• Industrial controls
• Medical device/equipment
• Telecommunications network infrastructure
• Enterprise servers
• Factory automation
• Self-service kiosk
• Gaming market


Datasheet (PDF)