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Amphenol is offering an alternative to toxic and known carcinogens finishes that comply with all customer requirements tied to these specifications. MIL-DTL-38999, Rev L has established new service classes as alternative finishes addressing these requirements for Cadmium replacement. Amphenol is using this and European Union Directive 2002/95/EC RoHS (Regulation of Hazardous Substances) as a guide to qualification for all domestic, global, commercial, industrial, & military specifications requiring the reduction or elimination of these restricted materials.

Amphenol has qualified Durmalon, with internal part number coding “DT” finish, which meets or exceeds the 38999 designated class “T” finish, Nickel Fluorocarbon Polymer. Durmalon is also EU RoHS compliant and is Cadmium free, Lead free , and Hexavalent Chromium free. We also continue to develop additional platings such as “DX”, (Durmalon, heavy duty final plate) to support JSF, F-35 program. The DX plating is intended to meet higher corrosion Sulfur Dioxide (SO2)/salt fog requirements of JSF. Cadmium has been applied to numerous components of land, sea and air weapon systems and NASA systems for many years as it provides sacrificial corrosion protection and excellent lubricity for threaded applications.


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