Board Level & Rectangular Fiber Optic Connectors

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High speed fiber optic transmission is available within LRM connectors for use in advanced avionics systems. Optical performance of fiber optic termini within in LRM connectors are the same as termini used in circular connectors. Insertion losses range from .3dB to <1.5dB depending upon launch conditions, fiber NA, fiber size and the type of termination.

Inserts for MIL-T-29504/1, /2, /14 and /15 can be incorporated. Termini for LRMs can be supplied - consult Amphenol Aerospace for ordering information. The termini are determined by insert and shell style of the connector.

LRM interconnects can have hybrid arrangements of fiber optics with Brush contacts, as well as other contact types.


  • Size 16 M39029/79 & /80 shielded contacts 
  • Size 12 coax for DC-65 GHz 
  • Size 8 coax for DC-32 GHz 
  • SMPM RF contacts* 
  • Hybrid arrangements with RF or high speed shielded contacts and brush contact combinations


  • Military and Commercial Aerospace 
  • Harsh Environments