CTF-10G-1 Copper to Fiber Media Converter

Amphenol Aerospace
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Amphenol Aerospace adds CTF-10G-1 to the CTF (Copper to Fiber) Media Converter Product Family. This product line is rugged, flexible, and affordable with many options available. CTF-10G-1 is an integrated hybrid connector and media converter that couples high speed copper technology with M29504 fiber technology. Now you can transfer high speed data seamlessly from copper to fiber and fiber to copper.  


  • 1 channel (1 Tx, 1 Rx) 
  • D38999 Shell Size 11 
  • 10.3125 Gbps 
  • XAUI interface 
  • Built-in Test 
  • 12 dB worst case between transmit power and receive sensitivity 
  • Up to 10G Ethernet, 8G Fibre Channel, PCI-Express 3.0, DVI and more


  • Qualified for Airborne and Ground Vehicles