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A flexible busbar system designed to minimize mechanical stress on the connectors and components within a power box. Enhances sealing and reduces space requirements.


  • Mounts to the customer enclosure with the same screws as the IO connectors. 
  • High voltage, high current, and HV interlocks all in one package. 
  • Can be expanded to include filtering and fusing. 
  • HV interlock circuits can be wired in the FlexaBIS. 
  • Can be designed to use any COTS connector. 
  • Available in high temperature PAI (Polyamideimide) or lower temperature PEI (Polytherimide) 
  • IO connectors on the outside of the box plug into the FlexaBIS on the inside of the box - No crimping, no lugs; quick and simple installation.


  • Aerospace