MIL-DTL-22992 Class L Connectors

Amphenol Aerospace
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Amphenol meets the demands for heavy duty & heavy power connectors with features that are critical to reliable interconnection in rugged environmental conditions. Heavy Duty Class L* connectors are highly suitable for industrial or military applications.

The Amphenol Class “L” heavy duty connectors are the largest size cylindricals. They are available only in the specific configurations prescribed by MIL-DTL-22992 for either military or industrial applications. This rigid configuration control assures correct interconnection of electrical circuits for maximum safety and reliability.


  • Heavy electrical loads: current range from 40 to 200 amperes 
  • Direct current or single/three phase, 60/400 Hertz alternating current 
  • Automatic grounding for safety 
  • Meet MIL-DTL-22992 qualification 
  • Resistance to the operating environments of heat, moisture, vibration, high impact and immersion 
  • Double stub coupling threads for faster connections; no cross threading, easy cleaning 
  • Left hand accessory threads to minimize cable twisting, wire breakage, accidental connector disassembly 
  • Gaskets or “O” rings at appropriate surfaces for perfect weather tight connections


  • Power Generators / Air Conditioning Units 
  • Ground Missile Systems 
  • Military Shelters / Military Communication Centers 
  • Medical Units