MT Ferrule Termini

Amphenol Aerospace
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Designed for use in Amphenol MT38999 circular connectors and also for rectangular products: printed circuit board interconnects, LRM, VME64 and VITA46 interconnects.


  • Male and female ferrules available in either multi-mode or single mode designs. 
  • Very high density can be achieved in cylindrical connectors: 
  • Up to 24 fiber channels in a size 11 composite shell 
  • Up to 96 fiber channels in a size 21 composite shell 
  • Amphenol supplies MT termini assemblies in kits, minus the MT ferrule. 
  • MT ferrules that meet the IEC1754-5 specification are rec­ommended for use. 
  • Assembly tool 11-100000-000 is recommended for MT termini assembly into connectors; MT contact removal tool CF-008025-000 is also available.