Rugged USB (MUSB/MUSBR Series)

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Amphenol's rugged USB's provide a cost effective option for harsh environments. These cost efficient environmentally sealed USB's utilizes high temperature inserts and zinc die cast shells and are available with Non Conductive and Conductive sealing gaskets. They are available in USB Type A, Type A over A stacked, Type B, Type Mini B, Type Mini AB in both right angle and vertical. The Type Micro AB is available in Right angle.

There are also options to add cable headers which simplifies the termination to the rugged USB internally within the enclosure. Adding a terminal block provides a simple means to convert field wiring to a sealed USB connector by simply connecting the individual conductors to the appropriate screw terminals on the terminal block.

There is also an option of adding a standard USB. This option provides a sealed USB to the external environment with the convenience of still terminating the internal standard cable with the standard USB plug. Adding the Rugged RJ to a PCB without any additional connectors allows the customer to solder discrete wires directly to the back of the rugged USB. There are dust covers available for all the rugged USB Types.


  • Designed to the USB 2.0 Spec 
  • Compact Design 
  • Meets and exceed the IP67 requirements in mated and unmated condition 
  • Zinc diecast shell 
  • Non Conductive and Conductive gaskets available


  • Patient Monitoring Systems 
  • Test Equipment 
  • GPS 
  • Military computers, tablets 
  • Satellite communication 
  • Smart Meters