CoolPower® D-Sub Connector Series

Amphenol ICC
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Amphenol CoolPower® D-sub connectors offer the familiar shape and functionality of a combination D-subminature connector with high current, high performance Amphenol CoolBand contact technology.

The LCC17 series connectors utilize the same front shells, rear shells and mounting features found on standard D-sub connectors, which means they are fully interchangable on a PCB, panel or cable assembly. This allows users to upgrade to a higher performance solution without a costly re-design. Male and female LCC17 series connectors are designed to be used together.

Initially, 3W3 arrangements in both male and female orientations are available. Additional contact arrangements are planned, including combination power and signal versions. Various termination, plating and mounting options are available.


  • Networking, Telecom and Wireless 
  • Power Supply and Amplifier 
  • Industrial and Medical 
  • Military/ Aerospace