Press Fit - Filter D-Sub Connector

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FCC17 Filtered D-Sub family has been expanded to include the Press Fit termination. Stress isolated and solderless filtering technology enable absorption of forces, allowing these filter connectors to be pressed into boards in the s ame way as the non filtered equivalents. 


  • Stress isolated solderless design 
  • Directly interchangeable with non-filtered versions 
  • High voltage withstand capability (1000V AC) 
  • Superior mechanical & thermal shock characteristics 
  • Elimination of solder 
  • Effective against radiated and conducted EMI 
  • Environmentally friendly - "Lead free solution"


  • ADSL Central office equipment 
  • DSL Modems 
  • Multiplex equipment 
  • Hubs & switches 
  • PBX 
  • Backplanes