Rugged DSUB Connector (MDB/MDBR)

Amphenol ICC
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This Product Specification defines the general use and performance parameters for Amphenol's MDB (86X) series of Rugged D-sub connectors.

Termination options include vertical PCB tails and solder cups suitable for up to 20 AWG for the 9 position connectors or 22 AWG for the 26 position. The connector system is designed to provide a standard D-sub interface for enclosures exposed to when immersed to a 1.0m depth for a period of 30 minutes and the ingress of dust less than 75 microns under 2 kPa vacuum pressure. A sturdy die cast shell provides excellent strength and durability in the most demanding applications while high temperature resistant plastic housing captures high quality gold plated screw machined copper alloy contacts.


  • 9 position standard density pin and socket connectors 
  • 26 position high density pin and socket connectors


  • Outdoor equipment 
  • Portable devices 
  • Automation equipment 
  • Industrial and agricultural equipment