Low Profile RJ45 w/ LEDs

Amphenol ICC
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Through-hole (THT) with a low profile and a small footprint in single port configurations. Some of the available options include full shield for superior EMI protection and standard LEDs for link activity and network verification.Made with high temperature composite and when coupled with our heat resistant LEDs, these connectors are well suited for IR reflow solder processes.


  • Network & Telecom
  • Office & Home Equipment
    • PC’s, Laptops, Copiers/Printers 
    • Telephones, modems 
    • Surge Protectors 
    • ATMs, Vending Machines
  • Consumer Goods
    • Security Systems 
    • Set Top Boxes 
    • Video Game Systems
  • Miscellaneous
    • Multi-Media Equipment 
    • Industrial Equipment 
    • POS Terminals