Ethernet 2, 4, and 8 Ports with LED and Shield Options

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The RJSAE is a RJ45 stackable connector that reduces component and labor costs by incorporating LEDs into the connector. Its stackable feature enables more ports with the same board space. With superior EMI performance, the option of configuring your connector with a ferrite filter is available to further reduce crosstalk in noisy applications. Amphenol offers a variety of other options such as shielded and unshielded, and a variety of LED combinations and port configurations. 


  • Wireless (WiMAX) 
  • Network servers 
  • Hubs, routers, switches 
  • PC’s, Laptops, Copiers/Printers 
  • Telephones, modems 
  • Surge Protectors 
  • ATMs, Vending Machines 
  • Security Systems 
  • Set Top Boxes 
  • Video Game Systems 
  • Multi-Media Equipment 
  • Industrial Equipment 
  • POS Terminals