Conan®, BergStak® and MezzoStak™ Fine Pitch Mezzanine Connector

Amphenol ICC

TTI is stocking a wide range of mezzanine connectors from ICC, including the Conan®, BergStak® and MezzoStak™ Connector product families.

The Conan 1.00mm mezzanine connector system provides a mechanically secure, high density electrical interface between parallel printed circuit boards. Conan’s mechanical features and palladium/nickel/gold plated electrical contacts qualify it for high reliability use in portable and mobile electronic equipment.

A versatile, high density parallel-board-to-board mezzanine connector system on a 0.8mm pitch, BergStak connectors are available in twelve PCB stack heights and nine sizes up to two hundred positions. This flexibility supports evolving designs and emerging mechanical requirements by providing a common mating interface. Innovative housing and blade-on-beam terminal features provide easy PCB assembly, simple mating and long-term reliability.

An ability to mate to itself means that MezzoStak 0.5mm pitch connectors can be used to consolidate connector selection and documentation, thereby reducing component engineering costs. The robust ‘hermaphroditic’ design provides a precise mating interface with extra housing guidance, suiting the connectors to a wide range of high reliability applications and demanding environments. Two versions offer a choice between supple­mental PCB hold-downs and pegs or short overall length.