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FCI's Flexible Connections series provides expert integration of flexible circuitry and PCB connectors to preserve system performance with mechanical and signal integrity. The Flexible Connections family includes flex assemblies, fine-pitch jumpers, high-density BGA-based flex assemblies, and rigid flexes using press-fit backplane connectors.


  • Flex assemblies
  • Fine-pitch jumpers
  • High-density BGA-based flex assemblies
  • Rigid flexes using press-fit backplane connectors
  • Signal routing contained in flat ā€œ2Dā€ spaces to improve ventilation
  • Natural mechanical forgiveness of flex circuitry that reduces stress on surface-mount solder joints
  • Reduce manufacturing complexity and costs
  • Reduce overall system weight


  • Medical Instrumentation
  • Test and Measurement
  • Electronics
  • Industrial Controls
  • Navigation Electronics
  • LED Systems
  • Point-of-Sale and Gaming
  • Communications and Data
  • Embedded
  • Network Diagnostics
  • Data Storage


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