TwinMezz™ Mezzanine Connector System

Amphenol ICC
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ICC's TwinMezz™ mezzanine connector system was named a finalist in the 2010 DesignVision Awards program in the Interconnect Technologies and Components category by the International Engineering Consortium (IEC). The TwinMezz™ connector system provides superior electrical performance at the highest data rates, the highest signal density, and the lowest insertion force when compared to other available mezzanine connectors.

The TwinMezz mezzanine connectors exhibit very well-matched impedance, low insertion loss, and low crosstalk, which make them well-suited for applications in very high-speed environments. Configurations with six differential signal pairs per column provide maximum signal density, delivering 25 high-speed signal pairs in a square centimeter, or 161 signal pairs in a square inch. The innovative hermaphroditic design mates to itself and supports stack heights ranging from 12mm to 40mm with 200 to 800 total contacts.


  • Capability to mix signal and power wafers in a single connector
  • ICC’s patented BGA connector termination for easy surface-mount attachment
  • Efficient trace routing
  • Options for integrated molded or optional metal guides
  • Superior electrical performance


  • High-speed applications
  • Communication Market
  • Data Market
  • Industrial Market