Mini PCI Express Card Connector

Amphenol ICC
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ICC’s new released PCIe Mini card features 0.8mm pitch, 52-pin configuration with varying heights available. The connector offers angled insertions of PC boards and supports PCIe Gen2, SATA 2.0 as well as USB 2.0 applications. ICC’s PCIe Mini Cards are also PCI-SIG standard compliant. Target markets include mainly (but not limited to) the consumer and data / communication market, with applications in tablets, laptops, ultrabooks and desktops, offering design flexibility and small form-factor features for high-speed, high-performance communication devices such as the 802.11x wireless adapters, Bluetooth interfaces, Ethernet adapters and modems. The PCIe Mini Card is also used for server applications.


  • 0.8mm pitch, 52 positions 
  • Connector height from 2.1 mm to 10.6mm are available 
  • Angled insertion of PCB 
  • Supports PCIe Gen 2, SATA 2.0, USB 2.0 
  • PCI-SIG standard compliance


  • Laptop 
  • Ultrabooks 
  • Tablets 
  • Desktop 
  • Server