Serial-Attached SCSI Peripheral Component Interconnect Express

Amphenol ICC
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The 68-position, SAS PCIe receptacle and plug connectors enable implementation of high-speed Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) hard disk drive (HDD) interface as well as Peripheral Component Express (PCIe) based devices. This connector conforms to SFF8639 and is capable of meeting 12Gb/s HDDs or PCle based devices at 8Gb/s.

The SAS PCIe connectors system is designed to support SATA, SAS and PCIe based devices. The mechanical dimensioning and signal assignments for the six lane connector receptacle allows intermateability with the unshielded dual port serial attachment plug connectors that have been developed in accordance with SFF8482 and SFF8680 (SAS 3.0). Staggered contact lengths provide sequential mating of contacts to enable hot plugging. Molded guide posts provide angled lead-in to compensate for connector misalignment, allowing the device plug and receptacle to self-align during mating process. Most connectors also feature stamped retention clips that provide additional mechanical strength for robust PCB attachment.

The high-speed serial interface is designed to be backward compatible to SFF8482 (3Gb/s) and subsequently 6Gb/s SAS or SATA connectors. It enables both technologies using the same interface for cost-effective SATA or SAS drives or higher performance SSD drives for server applications. ICC offers a wide range of SAS PCIe plug and receptacle connectors for enterprise applications. Vertical and right angle connector configurations provide options for use in servers, server or storage blades, storage backplanes, HDD carriers and HDDs.


  • For high speed storage interfaces up to 12Gb/s
  • 68-position SAS PCIe connectors enable SFF8482, SFF8680 and SFF8639 interface
  • Backward compatible to SATA and SAS HDDs
  • Support up to 4 ports PCIe based devices
  • Low cost and high performance
  • Designed to support hot-plugging and blind mating of HDDs
  • Connector retainers provide additional mechanical strength after soldering
  • RoHS, halogen-free and compatible with lead-free processing temperatures


  • Data
  •     Servers
  •     Server and storage blades
  •     External storage systems
  •     HDDs
  •     HDD carriers
  •     SSD drives
  • Communications
  •     Processor and storage blades
  •     Mezzanine cards
  • Industrial, Instrumentation & Medical
  •     Embedded system boards