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The ICC ZipLine™ high-density, high-performance connector system is built upon ICC’s proven AirMax VS® technology and offers similar signal integrity performance. Like AirMax VS® connectors, the ZipLine™ connector system uses edge-coupling technology to deliver high signal density with low insertion loss and low crosstalk, all without the use of costly and space-consuming metal shields. Data rates can scale from 2.5Gb/s to 12.5Gb/s without requiring redesign of a basic platform. ZipLine™ connectors also provide the greatest signal density in three dimensions to help address mechanical or thermal concerns of system designers. In addition to superior signal density and electrical performance, the versatile ZipLine™ design offers incredible flexibility. Standard orthogonal, backplane, and power IMLAs can be configured in many ways to satisfy unique application requirements without the need for new tooling or long lead times.


  • Supports backplane and orthogonal midplane applications 
  • 72 differential pairs on 1.88mm column pitch deliver 84.6 differential pairs per inch of card edge while allowing a minimum 1" card slot pitch 
  • Provides maximum signal density available at data rates up to 12.5Gb/s 
  • Use AirMax VS® edge-coupling technology to deliver low insertion loss and crosstalk 
  • Allows for a mixed differential (orthogonal or backplane), single-edge or power pin assignments within a connector


  • Data 
  • Medical Industrial 
  • Servers 
  • Storage Systems 
  • Wireless Communications