BarKlip™ Cable I/O

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The BarKlip™ I/O connector provides a convenient method of distributing up to 200 Amps per contact between busbars, cables and circuit boards. It features 14 fully independent cantilevered beams, providing a true compliant spring to adjust for variations in bus bar alignment and surface finish. The ultrasonic welding connection between the wire and contact increases efficiency and reliability for current transition.

The BarKlip™ I/O is designed in accordance with the Open Compute (OCP) Power Distribution Architecture Standard.

The cable connects with system rack bar, a 3.0mm thick copper bar, to achieve a direct pluggable connection to an un-insulated busbar. This connection generates very low energy loss, with a maximum resistance of only 0.2mΩ per port.

In addition, the BarKlip™ I/O connector with <34mm installed height, facilitates performance in 1U rack-mounted equipment commonly found in datacenters and new hyperscale computing architectures.


  • Contacts with high conductivity copper alloy, 14 independent conducting beams and silver plating
  • Ultrasonic welding connection between wire and contact
  • Housing with high temperature and Halogen-free resin
  • 14AWG-2AWG
  • Terminates up to four 8AWG wires


  • Communications
    • AC/DC pluggable power suppliers in Telecom & Datacom
    • Networking equipment
    • Switches
  • Data
    • Servers
    • Storage
  • Industrial & Instrumentation
    • Hyperscale computing architectures using busbars for power distribution