D-Subminiature Full and Mix Power

Amphenol ICC

ICC offers a large choice of D-Subminature (D-Sub) full or mix power connectors for robust Input/Output connections.  


  • Standard full and mix power lay-outs
    • Full power : 2V2 (2 contacts, coded), 3W3, 3V3 (3 contacts, coded), 5W5, 8W8
    • Mix-power : 7W2 (7 contacts of which 2 power), 5W1, 11W1, 21W1, 17W2, 13W3, 9W4, 25W3, 21WA4, 27W2, 47W1, 24W7, 36W4.
  • PCB connectors
    • Straight and right angle versions able to handle 30 or 40 A per power contact.
    • Solder-to-board and press-fit terminations.
  • Cable connectors
    • Pre-inserted signal contacts in solder bucket version
    • Separate solder bucket or crimp power contacts
  • MicroTCA™ product range – 48V
    • Single or dual PCB connectors in solder or Pin-in-Paste version
    • Cable connectors and slim hood for dual connections


  • Power supply for indoor applications
  • Industrial and Telecom