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ICC eSATA is an expansion to its line of Input/Output storage interface interconnects aimed at single-lane external storage applications with less than six feet of cable. Up to five times faster than existing external storage solutions like USB 2.0 and FireWire 400, the eSATA connector provides external data backup and protection at speeds up to 3 Gb/s and is ideal for applications such as desktop and notebook computers, set-top boxes, gaming equipment, external portable storage and USB-related equipment.

The eSATA connector is RoHS-compliant and compatible with lead-free processing temperatures.


  • The eSATA connector operates at both Gen1 and Gen2
  • Outside of the device enclosure will meet Gen1m specifications when operating at Gen1 speeds and Gen2m specifications when operation at Gen2 speeds
  • eSATA available with eSATA + USB 2.0 in the same connector housing
  • High durability of 2500 cycles withstanding a mating force of 40N maximum and an unmating force of 10N minimum
  • RoHS-compliant  


  • Desktop and Notebook Computers
  • Gaming Equipment
  • External Portable Storage Devices
  • USB Related Equipment