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ICC ExpressCard™ host connectors and systems from support host systems manufacturers' implementation of ExpressCard™ technology. The Personal Computer Memory Card International Association (PCMCIA) has developed the ExpressCard™ Standard as replacement for the PC Card Standard, which defines the popular CardBus and PC Card add-in cards. The new ExpressCard™ standard will carry forward the benefits of removable communication, storage, I/O, multimedia, security and adapter cards to new generations of mobile and desktop personal computers. The ExpressCard™ standard supports both USB 2.0 and PCI Express™ high-speed serial interfaces. Mobile and desktop host systems can choose to incorporate universal slots, which can accommodate either ExpressCard™/34 or ExpressCard™/54 module sizes, or ExpressCard™/34 slots when space is at a premium. Both are smaller than today's CardBus slot implementations.

ICC offers a number of slot mounting options for its slot systems that enable "card push" ejection. Available options support slot placement either above or below the host PCB. Slot standoff options range between 0.0mm, which provides the lowest vertical profile for "thin" host systems, and 2.2mm, which provides clearance to mount PCB components between the slot and the host PCB. A simplified "grab and pull" slot system is also available for host applications where manual card removal is acceptable.


  • Electrical performance is validated at the initial PCI Express™ data rate of 2.5Gb/s and the anticipated second-generation speed of 5.0Gb/s
  • Simple beam-on-blade contact interface is rated for 5,000 cycles
  • Single-row, in-line configuration for surface-mount solder tails to facilitate easy soldering and inspection
  • Standoff options range between 0.0mm for "thin" host systems and 2.2mm which provides clearance to mount components between the slot and the host PCB
  • Options available to support slot placement either above or below the host PCB
  • "Card Push" ejection mechanism eliminates need for push rods
  • Available "grab and pull" version supports manual card removal with reduced mechanical complexity
  • RoHS compliant


  • Data
    • Mobile and Desktop PCs
  • Consumer
    • Set-top boxes
    • Digital TV
    • Home entertainment devices
  • Industrial
    • Industrial PCs
    • Machine control systems
  • Instrumentation
    • Test & measurement devices
    • Medical instrumentation
  • Communications
    • Telecom equipment
    • Datacom equipment