D-Sub MicroTCA Connectors

Amphenol ICC
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These power module I/O connectors for 48 volts applications are designed in accordance with µTCA® specifications. The robust D-Sub concept based on simplified and cost effective Delta D design combines power contacts able to handle 24 A with signal contacts. PCB connectors are proposed in traditional solder-to-board and Pin-in-Paste versions for optimized applied cost. Specific to the design of ICC is the fact that the connector’s compact footprint allows for more space on the PCB for other components.  


  • FMLB (First Mate Last Brake) functionality for hot plugging PCB connector
  • Single and Dual versions both available
  • Solder-to-board and pin-in-paste terminations available
  • Pick and place compatible for Pin-in-paste connector
  • Full grounding connection from Shelf to PCB
  • Loose female screw locks for cable connector
  • Field repairable
  • Touch proof
  • Stackable hoods with high retention devices
  • Cost saving jumper option for signal contacts


  • Communication
  • Data
  • Industrial and Instrumentation
  • Military
  • Others