ExaMax High Speed Backplane Connector

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The ExaMAX™ connector system is designed to enable superior 25 Gb/s electrical performance and provide a path to 40 Gb/s in anticipation of further increases in bandwidth requirements and the data rates used for high speed signaling.

ExaMAX™ connectors feature a revolutionary beam-on-beam contact interface that minimizes the residual stub for improved signal integrity performance compared to typical blade-on-beam contact structures and provides exceptionally low mating force while maintaining excellent contact normal force. Protected mating interfaces for both backplane and daughter card connectors also eliminates the exposed header pin field on the backplane, which can be susceptible to damage.

Each signal wafer incorporates an innovative one-piece, embossed ground structure to improve crosstalk performance through 40 Gb/s. The simple, functional design contributes to a very cost-effective solution.

The ExaMAX™ product family will address a broad range of system architectures, including backplane, midplane, midplane orthogonal, direct orthogonal, cabled backplane, coplanar and mezzanine applications.


  • Superior 25 Gb/s electrical performance with the capability to scale to 40 Gb/s
  • Protected mating interfaces on both the backplane and daughter card connectors reduces risk of damage
  • Unique beam-on beam interface eliminates insertion loss resonances and improves crosstalk performance
  • Balanced differential pairs
  • Optimized connector footprint reduces impedance discontinuities and crosstalk
  • Options for 100 or 85 differential impedance 
  • 2.00 mm for highest linear signal density
  • Wider column spacing option to ease trace routing and increase bandwidth
  • Compact design provide low profile solution, minimal plug-in unit pitch for given #pairs/column


  • Communications
    • Switches
    • Routers
    • Optical Transport
    • Wireless Infrastructure
  • Data
    • Servers External Storage Systems
    • Supercomputers