Interface Module

Amphenol ICC

Interface modules are DIN rail or panel mounted printed circuit board modules that give design flexibility, simplify panel layouts, and reduce maintenance and downtime. ICC’s compact interface modules provide a flexible, costeffective transition from D-Sub, Ribbon Cable and other connectors to terminal blocks. Interface modules find application in modern controllers/automation devices that feature high configuration interface connectors as space is valuable in the control cabinet.


  • Reliable signal transmission solution for automation applications
  • Safe and maintenance-free connection of signal lines
  • Compact design
  • Space-saving, high-density wiring
  • Eliminates long installation times and costly wiring errors
  • Time saving and economical
  • Over 15 times faster than traditional “point-to-point” wiring
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Regardless of interface on the controller side (D-sub, FRC, RJ45, DIN strips etc.), interface to field devices is through 1:1 terminal blocks
  • Available in standard configurations, or can be readily built for customer requirements
  • Modules simplify interconnections between system I/O cards and field equipment
  • Quick wiring, commissioning and troubleshooting. Simple and time-saving


  • Industrial & Instrumentation
  • Automation Devices