Metral® High Speed 2000 Series

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ICC’s Metral® 2000 Series is a high speed 2mm backplane connector system of vertical headers. The 2000 Series features a unique stripline structure. Apart from this stripline structure, it is similar to the ICC Standard Metral® Connector. This stripline structure allows the Metral® 2000 Series to have improved signal performance when routed in either a single-ended or a differential pair configuration.

The Metral® 2000 Series is available in 5x6 and 8x12 module sizes for midplane applications. The system also features dedicated ground rows. For the 5-row connector, the dedicated ground row is the 3rd row. For the 8-row connector, the dedicated ground rows are the 3rd and 5th rows. Two, Three & Four-module monoblocks for the 5-row connector are available.

Metral® 2000 Series connectors are designed to conveniently stack end-to-end with other ICC Metral® products and are mateable with Metral® 1000/4000 Series Receptacles.  


  • Fully shielded strip-line transmission structure for Vertical Headers
  • Stackable end-to-end with other ICC Metral® Products
  • Dedicated Ground Row Contacts
  • Available in 5 and 8-row configurations
  • Press-fit Headers
  • Various Header Loading Patterns available
  • Rear Plug up Options
  • 200 Mating Cycles
  • RoHS Compliant


  • Routers
  • ATM Hardware
  • File servers
  • Workstations
  • Medical analyzers
  • Security