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ICC AirMax VS™ Power backplane connector system provides power connectors to address customer requirements for increased current-carrying capacity between the backplane and daughtercards in chassis systems. The AirMax VS™ right-angle daughtercard connectors are available with either 1x2 or 2x2 contact configurations per 12mm module. Each module has a total current-carrying capacity of up to 80A and a voltage rating of 150V. The corresponding backplane connector features protected contact openings and is UL1950 (Finger Probe) compliant.

The AirMax VS™ power modules are compact and cost-efficient, addressing customers evolution to faster and more powerful processors on their add-in cards, which has created a need to carry a higher current to those cards. ICC AirMax VS™ power connectors can be used to accomplish that goal in data equipment (servers and storage systems), communications equipment (switches and routers), and also applications in medical electronics and instrumentation.

“The power modules are designed for use with all AirMax VS™ signal connectors, but because the new power connectors conform to the Hard Metric equipment practice, they can also be used with FCI’s Millipacs‚ 2mm Hard Metric backplane connector system.“
John Burkett, Product Manager, ICC

ICC AirMax VS™ power connectors are designed so contacts are flat except for minimal forming at the plug connector’s mating interfaces, which enables the use of high conductivity base metal. Airflow passages in the insulating connector bodies allow air to flow through the fully mated connectors and over a large percentage of the contact’s surfaces, so heat escapes more easily. These design features contribute to the modules’ higher current-carrying capacity. The AirMax VS™ power modules employ an "eye of the needle" (EON) compliant tail for press-fit PCB termination.

Two available mating lengths for power module contacts provide capability for sequential mating of power and signal contacts.


  • Fewer pins per column than other AirMax VS™ connectors 
  • Slot spacing of only 16.7mm 
  • Allows more airflow and cools the system 
  • Uses air as dielectric between adjacent conductors 
  • Provides high signal density along with the industry's lowest insertion loss and crosstalk 
  • Unique design combines EMI optimization and use of air as dielectric 
  • Allows for allocation of signals within one connector, enabling customers' systems to grow


  • Blade Servers 
  • Storage Devices 
  • Next-Generation Routers 
  • Workstations 
  • RAID Systems 
  • VOD Systems